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Everything you need to know to get started with your digital marketing is on this page.

Harnessing digital marketing

Let's get started with a digital marketing plan

Without a proper plan, plan on failure

Let's define the role of your digital presence.

Is it direct sales, lead generation, a catalogue, a booking platform, advocacy or for getting votes ?

Think small. Scroll to find out why.

Collect email addresses

Offer something like a free Guide (you can get one of ours here). That will give you a permission-based email contact.

Your URL

Make it as memorable as you can and make sure you don’t have to spell it out to people. If geography is important consider a regional  URL address such as a .ca for Canada. Avoid things likes dashes.

Using CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for non-programmers to build and/or maintain their own site. There are several CMS platforms available. The one we use is WordPress.


Images are important. Be sure to format them for the particular theme you are using to build your site. And tag them to make them SEO friendly.


Use keywords but don’t overdo it. Search engines are becoming smarter, allowing people to write like humans speak. You have a voice. Use it.

Think small.

A rapidly growing number of consumers access websites off smart phones.


Go Big

Bigger hosting companies such as GoDaddy, Blue Host, DreamHost and many more will have little if any down time and provide tech support 24/7. Best to google hosting sites to find out which one offers the right service/price ratio you’re looking for.


There are many free resources available.

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Free logos

Well, almost free. Here is a company that specializes in logo generation. With most of these companies, you have to submit your email address. By using our service, you submit your email once. And we don’t spam. We service.

Headline generators

There are many companies offering headline generators in exchange for your email. Here is one. Google “headline generators” to get a list to choose from.

Free email marketing

Email marketing is crucial for effective online marketing. There are free services such as MailChimp to help you manage and deploy email campaigns.

Get real

Know the numbers.

Knowing some of the statistics can help you see where your business should be going and what it should be doing. Customer service, while always important, is especially true for online transactions.

eCommerce sales


Shoppers who believe they will get a better deal online


Brick and mortar stores that are mostly showrooms


Small business that attract new customers and engage current ones through social media

Losses due to poor customer service


Poor customer service reason to switch to compeitor


Shoppers who will check prices on smart phone before purchase


Customers who share deals with friends on social media

Testimonials are a must for today's online marketing

05Rick F.


Encourage reviews. Don't be afraid of a bad review. You can use them to your advantage.

Mick A.


Use Facebook.

It’s easy

Setting up a Facebook page for your business takes just a few minutes.

It’s effective

Facebook offers many way to reach out and capture business. We can help.

It’s powerful

Harness Facebook’s tools, implement them and see results that can be measured.

Use stock images effectively

Impactful stock images are affordable and add punch to your presence.


Shutterstock is subscription-based stock image resource.


iStock offers ‘credits’ you purchase for images or subscription plans.

Getty Images

Generally pricier, but the premiere resource for stock footage and images


Simple animation makes your page more dynamic.

Keep your site clean, easy to navigate but also engaging. If your images are weak, there are ways to strengthen their role. It’s all in presentation.

03Be responsive

Today you can respond rapidly to market conditions. And if you don’t, know your competitors will.

03Tap into resources

You have an unprecedented number of free or almost free marketing resources at your disposal. Use them.

03Data is everything

Large companies mine data. You can too. In fact, you must to compete today.

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